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Mr. Arunkumar , Msc Logistics & Supply chain Management , Esc Rennes , France, 08.09.2012


The Effort was very well co ordinate, dedicated and a lot pain and effort was put by both Vanitha Mam and Srinivasan Sir in educating, applying to Esc Rennes School of Business.The idea and Knowledge of program Msc in Logistics & Supply Chain Management in Esc Rennes Business School was very well elaborated to us by both Deepika Mam & Srinivasan Sir. This helped us to get rid of the confusion I was in regarding choosing the program.Whereas, there is no negative feedback as everything was done in time. Frankly.....more

Mr. Ashwin , Msc Logistics and Supply Chain Management , Esc Rennes , France , 01.09.2012


Hi sir ,
  I am Ashwin one of your student of Galaxy Educational Consultants. I need to thank you for showing me a best carrier by choosing France for M higher studies. We never met and I never knew during the starting of my education process. When I spoked to you through mobile your way of approach and I feel the trueness of your words that makes me to choose Esc Rennes. Your service is best one sir. You did everything on phone. Your big positive is way of speaking to student as friendly your patience make.....more

Mr. Suriya Sudhan , BEng Honours Computer Communications and Networks, Middlesex University , UK., 14.09.2012


Atlast I got my visa after one year struggle this one year I gone many consultancy and I have flopped later I come galaxy consultancy only two months I got my visa and Mr. Srinivasan sir excellent guide help me a lot in the processing like a brother, Sundhar sir and vanitha mam also did lot of help for me during processing time and I feel Galaxy Educational Consultancy office as my friends home and service is very good and very fast.