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Mr Srinivasan,MSc Nursing Studies,University of Limerick,Ireland, 31/08/2015


 I am srinivasan.M I hereby to thank Galaxy educations for their great contribution in my career counseling and helpful in all process starting from getting offer letter to joining the college in Ireland with the help  of Mr. Suresh sir I can able to get scholarship from the university his kind and gentle care over me makes very comfortable he and Nithya mam has been auchor in my post  graduate study beginning.

The service provided by the galaxy Educati.....more

Mr Mageshwaran Shanmugasamy,MSc International Business,INSEEC Business School,Paris,France, 19/09/2015


I landed at the galaxy office Pondicherry branch without any knowledge of overseas  education or how.....more

Mr Muthukumar Murugan,MSc Electronics and Telecommunication,ISEP,Paris,France, 16/09/2015


I got counseling from Mr. suresh from Pondicherry branch and he gave all the required knowledge about my masters in Electronic and Telecommunication ISEP Paris France and as well as Visa  Application process the counselors do an excellent  job of grading support and following up with students. I found them to be highly professional and organized. I want to specially thank to the branch head Mrs. Nithya for helping me at every stage. Thank you Galaxy and Team.