Mr Vinod Kanna,Msc Automatic control and Robotics ,Gdansk university of Technology, Poland ,29/02/2016

I am Vindokanna I have went to lot of abroad consultants in Chennai each of them had different system of counseling because its not sure for all the students can able to go abroad if you see there is 20 students trying to study in abroad but only 2 or 3 students will be rejected remaining will be selected due to good service provided by the consultancy by using their talent of students with little support and helping hand to student to understand.  In that rejected student, I am one of them feel very sad for rejecting twice my visa. Finally I came to Galaxy Educational Consultants I met Mr.sundar  sir in taj hotel he collected information about me and gave a counseling and offered a particular course related to my previous studies and I applied for Masters in Automatic control and Robotics in Gdansk university of technology Poland. I got lot of support and guidance from sundar to get my Poland visa success and I also need to thank Mr. Joseph Vijay and Galaxy Managing Director Mr.Srinivas giving me courage to be bold and face fear whatever comes in life. Sundar is one of the sweetest person met in my life he cleared all my doubts and keeps me hardworking to get 100% visa success without any failure. Every day going to Galaxy I feel I am the family of galaxy office because they will treat me as their own brother and sister. I am very my proud to tell that Galaxy consultant has provided a good solution and career path to my life. I need to thank every person in galaxy office and I wish every students waiting to study in abroad Good luck to get visa success without failure.