About New Zealand

New Zealand is a small independent island nation renowned for its stunning scenery and Maori culture. English is the everyday language of New Zealand, although Maori is also an official language. New Zealand is a member of the British Commonwealth and has a population of 4 million people, which means that wherever you go in the islands, it's never overcrowded.

New Zealanders' adventurous spirit is contagious and with an abundance of natural beauty scattered across the North and South Island, it's hard to resist the local outdoor sports. New Zealand is the home of bungy jumping and zorbing, after all.

As an international student in New Zealand you'll enjoy a varied lifestyle and a safe, friendly environment while you study. The local people are renowned for their hospitality and the warm Kiwi welcome extends to everyone.

 Getting around New Zealand      
Finding your way around New Zealand is easy, either by rail, road, sea or air. North Island and South Island have good connections and New Zealand has an extensive network of domestic and international airports.

The domestic airports and relatively cheap domestic airlines make this an affordable way to hop between the islands. New Zealand has three main international airports: Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington.
Auckland International Airport sees the largest number of international arrivals and departures, and ensures that New Zealand is easily reached from abroad.

Natural environment

From rolling green farmland to majestic snow-covered mountains, New Zealand deserves its reputation for some of the world’s most beautiful natural environments.


New Zealand is similar in size to the United Kingdom or Japan but the population is just over 4 million. Most New Zealanders live in cities, so the countryside is very sparsely populated. While the scenery sets our country apart, Kiwis have a reputation for friendliness, creativity and independence.


The varied terrain and long thin shape of the country (from 34 to 48 degrees latitude south) create a variety of climatic conditions, from sub-tropical to almost continental. Conditions are very changeable – a cool rainy day can suddenly turn sunny and hot. The mild climate is great for  agriculture and horticulture industries, which are vital to the economy.


This geographic isolation means many indigenous species of plants and birds are found only in New Zealand - including, the famous, flightless kiwi.