We Former Admissions Officers with a Minimum of Four Years of Full-Time Admissions Committee Experience

If you are like many undergraduates and degree holders who have been in the workforce for several years, you understand the value a law school degree can add to your career opportunities.

Making the decision to attend law school is relatively easy. Making the decisions that come after that – about which programs are right for you, how to present yourself in a way that highlights what different schools look for in applications, and how to go about actually developing compelling application themes and strategies – is another matter.

trendinfreelancers can give you the guidance and competitive edge that means the difference between being accepted to your top choice school and settling for admittance to your last alternative. We have made tens of thousands of accept/reject/waitlist decisions at the world's most selective law schools. Quite simply, our qualifications, collective experience, and intimate knowledge of the application process are unrivaled. Furthermore, our consultants have J.D. as well as LL.M. admissions committee experience – and, yes, the LL.M. admissions process is radically different from J.D. admissions.

With trendinfreelancers, not only will you maximize your chances of admittance to your preferred school(s), but you will receive individualized counseling backed by actual law school admissions committeeexperience and integrity.

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