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Medical school is easily one of the most difficult, if not the most, difficult professional schools to enter. Each year, many applicants with 4.0 GPAs and high MCATs are rejected, while other applicants with lower GPAs and MCAT scores are accepted. Why does this happen? It's because medical schools are looking for more than just GPAs and MCAT test scores. They want to see well-rounded applicants who will complete the diversity of their incoming classes. Each year we work with many re-applicants who, more times than not, were rejected the previous year because they did not present a compelling "story," or set of themes, in their applications.

AdmissionsConsultants can give you the guidance and competitive edge that means the difference between being admitted into an accredited U.S. medical school and having to face the daunting task of repositioning your candidacy as a re-applicant, delaying your medical ambitions by a year.

Our consultants all have medical school admission committee experience. Collectively, they have made over 50,000 accept/reject/waitlist decisions at a wide variety of medical schools. They possess the necessary expertise to answer all of your medical school and career-related questions.

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